Lembeh Strait dive trip

Apologies for not updating recently (sounds familiar) My favourite place on Earth, diving wise anyway, is Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The place has been, and still is, world known as having some of the best muck diving, characterised by black sand & to be honest, pretty barren looking.  Until you look closer that is…

So here’s a few pics taken during the last couple of weeks whilst staying & diving with the good folk at Lembeh Resort

Frogfish with extra long fingernails!

Happy looking lizard fish

Flamboyant cuttlefish

flamboyant cuttlefish © www.edbrown.co.uk

flamboyant cuttlefish © http://www.edbrown.co.uk

Hairy frogfish

hairy frogfish © www.edbrown.co.uk

hairy frogfish © http://www.edbrown.co.uk

Blue ringed octopus

blue ring octopus © www.edbrown.co.uk

blue ring octopus © http://www.edbrown.co.uk

Harlequin shrimp

harlequin shrimp © www.edbrown.co.uk

harlequin shrimp © http://www.edbrown.co.uk


World Lion Day

Apparently its ‪#‎WorldLionDay‬ today, so here’s a little pic of Scar enjoying a light snack in the Masai Mara, doesn’t take a genius to work out why they call him Scar!

Male lion eating, Masai Mara, Kenya © www.edbrown.co.uk

Male lion eating, Masai Mara, Kenya © http://www.edbrown.co.uk

Click here for more pictures of Scar and other lions I took in Kenya

A new home – 2nd August 2015

A little over 2 weeks ago we moved into East Sussex, the previous owners of the house had done a fantastic job of turning the garden into a wildlife haven, it was actually a massive reason for us moving here.  In amongst all the usual birds,bees & butterflies, we also have a couple of different mammals visiting, so far we think there are 3 visiting foxes, possibly mum & a couple of this years cubs.  After seeing the foxes nearly every night on the trailcam we had an inkling of something else visiting so decided to put the camera on video mode and see what happened.

Click the picture see the 2 videos, 1 of a fox and the other…………..

Fox in East Sussex garden, England, UK © www.edbrown.co.uk

Fox in East Sussex garden, England, UK © http://www.edbrown.co.uk