2021 British wildlife calendar

My 2021 British wildlife calendar is now up for sale if you wish to purchase. 13 pictures (inc front cover) all taken this year during my garden wildlife project.

More info from my store 2021 British wildlife calendar

2021 British wildlife calendar

Please also remember my main site contains my store where you can buy wildlife prints and other gifts

Red deer stag during the annual rut in Richmond Park, London. Wildlife prints UK.

Move to self hosted

So ive finally moved my blog over to  edbrown.co.uk therefore this blog will not be updated anymore (I will not be shutting it down though)  I have transferred everything from here to my new blog but that is the only one I will be using from now on.

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As a tempter the latest post is about the newly appeared frogspawn in my pond

Spring has sprung – Frogspawn

Reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)

Here’s a little garden visitor we’ve had recently, I don’t know why but I never really associated Reed buntings with gardens, but there you go.  This is a male but we also have females paying a visit.

Reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus) East Sussex, England, UK

Reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus) East Sussex, England, UK